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smsbts.com is a leading Bulk SMS service that enables companies and individuals to send Bulk SMS messages to their customers and friends.
smsbts.com is committed to a reliable SMS text delivery to many countries world wide at competitive SMS prices.
We support unicode SMS (Arabic), alphanumeric sender name and delivery reports. Register now and test our service!

smsbts.com knows the power and value of SMS messaging in:
- Advertisement
- CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
- Specific Information delivery to targeted audience
- Alerts

Hence, in addition to the common Bulk SMS tool that we provide, you can contact smsbts.com so that we provide you an HTTP account or develop specific software that integrates with your companies data base in order to automate message delivery to your customers under conditions and criteria that your company will define (see insurance companies,stock market brokers, tourist agencies (airlines companies), and night clubs SMS applications).

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Credit Change for all operators. The new reduced prices are:
Comsote: 2 credits
Vodafone: 1.8 credits
Wind: 1.9 credits

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Ability to organize your contacts into groups

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Send Bulk SMS messages by uploading a text file
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Ability to customize your own Message sender (originator)
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Capability of scheduling SMS message delivery (date and time)
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Analytical message delivery reporting